Childrens Sleeping Bag Dog Yellow


• Childrens Sleeping Bag Dog Yellow
• 3-in-1 Sleeping Bag, Pillow and Toy
• Small (135 x 52cm) or Large (180 x 70cm)
• Machine and hand wash
• Great for an afternoon nap
• Take it anywhere!
• Portable compact design
• Includes 12 Month Warranty
• Includes FREE Shipping Australia Wide



Material: Polyester
Filling: PP cotton
Weight: 0.54kg / 1.05kg
Folding dimension: 47cm x 47cm(S) / 55cm x 55cm(L)
Overall Dimension: 135cm x 52cm(S) / 180cm x 70cm(L)

Exceptional Comfort + Warmth

Designed to provide maximum comfort + warmth in various weather conditions

Durable + Weather-Resistant

Exterior protects against moisture, wind + wear and tear

Compact + Lightweight Design

Perfect for hikers, campers + travellers – ideal for on-the-go convenience

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