Panasonic NCR 18650 B Battery 6.7A 3.7V


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• 1 x Rechargeable Panasonic NCR 18650 B Battery 6.7A 3.7V Li-ion
• High quality with short circuit protection for safety
• Long storage life, no memory effect, light weight and high energy density
• Best suited to regulated mods with a low current requirement
• These batteries are considered to have one of the highest energy densities for any cylindrical Li-ion battery available
• Environmentally friendly
• Includes FREE Delivery Australia Wide



Model NCR18650B (Made In Japan)
Charging Voltage 4.2?0.5
Normal Voltage 3.6V
Charging Method CC-CV (Constant Voltage With Limited Current)
Charging Time Standard Charge: 3 Hours
Rapid Charge: 2.5 Hours
Discharge Cut-Off Voltage 2.50V
Cell Dimension Height: 65.00mm Max Diameter: 18.25mm Max
Max. Discharge Current: 6.7A
Operating Temperature Charge: 0 To 45 ?C
Discharge: -20 To 60?C


Do not incinerate
Do not disassemble
Do not short positive and negative contacts
Do not expose to heat
Do not completely discharge
Do not use force to install a li-ion battery
Use only high quality battery charger
Charge fully before first use
Store in cold and dry place at approximately nominal voltage